Guard Your Life Challenge

A Sister's Loss:

Vic was an amazing and beautiful young lady.  She was my sister, and my best friend.  Vic left an amazing legacy and will be forever in my heart. ​

about victoria humphries

A Dad's Perspective:

Vic was small in stature, but larger than life.  She was bright, outgoing, compassionate, energetic, and loved her family and friends.  In short, she was everything I could ask for in a daugther.  She was a lifeguard at Otter Creek Water Park and was always looking for ways to help others.  She had thought about becoming a lawyer, but had recently decided to become a Christian Therapist specializing in helping traumatized children.  She will be missed by her family, as well as her friends at Otter Creek, Greer Middle College, and in the community.

You have to guard your own life when behind the wheel